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Dapp Ideas

A non fungible way to ask questions and be funded by the community to seek the answers. Be it research questions, silly stuff, or open source projects, Dapp Ideas aims to provide a platform for getting funding, and enabling a sale post completion.

Features Overview

The main objective of the project is to play with the idea of non fungibility and the concept of money. Money is humanity's tool to process a lot of information (in the market) into a single value, while non fungibility represents novelty and uniqueness. Dapp Ideas is hence the platform to mint non fungible ideas, gain funding, explore idea, declare results, and earn compensation.

Tokenised Grants

Create a grant describing your question or idea or project or question. On crossing a minimum funding threshold, mint the grant as a NFT for future compensation.

Quadratic Matching

Create or participate in matching rounds and treasuries to quadratically match funding to grants.

Secondary Market

Post grant completion, unlock the grant token and sell on any market to the highest bidder. Get some compensation for your work!

Built with

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Development Order

Arguably, Dapp Ideas is also more challenging in ideation than in development, as seems to be the norm within web3 projects. Hence, a major current focus is on that. Over all, v1 (as detailed above) aims to be completed sometime in 2022, post which a team management module will also be built and released sometime in 2023.

Our awesome features

Rigorously develop the idea, distilled into a under ten page whitepaper. Expected by end of 2021 (in time for Gitcoin CLR 12).

Our awesome features

Finalise questionnaires for specfic question / grant types. Enable minting the grants, including past ones on Gitcoin. Expected sometime in 2022.

Our awesome features

Create the foundational blocks of the network with user profiles, follows, history, and messaging. Also build the marketplace for funding and post completion compensation.

Our awesome features
Quadratic Matching

Research and build quadratic matching systems. Decentralise by letting anyone create times matching rounds with custom grants and private matching pools. Expected at most by the end of 2022 (in time for CLR 16).